Cadillac Lyric:
Boldy Defy Expectations
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Bring Downtown LA to Cadillac

Cadillac needed a solution to highlight the new features of their Cadillac Lyric without having to worry about driving an unreleased vehicle down a city street. Thanks to a robust media playback system, we used our LED volume to cast natural and organic reflections on the exterior of the vehicle and simulate the illusion of driving in downtown Los Angeles. All scenes in the spot were filmed in our studio.

cadillac on film
cadillac filming

Vehicle commercials and process work are a real no-brainer for LED volume work. The comfort and security knowing your unreleased vehicle is in the comfort of a stage was a real no-brainer. That mixed with the incredible cost savings will undoubtedly see a plethora of this work in the future.

team on set filming
team on set filming
team on set filming